National Service Scheme (NSS)

The National Service Scheme was started to establish a meaningful linkage between the campus and the community. Mahatma Gandhi, the father of Nation had recognised that in the country could not progress in a desired direction until the student youth were motivated to work for the upliftment of the community. For the national reconstruction and national resurgence it was deemed fit that the students and teachers should be properly sensitised and utilised for strengthening the Indian society as a whole with particular emphasis on rural community. Therefore, student youth, Teachers and the community are considered the three basic components of the National service Scheme

There are 14 directorates in NSS. Our NSS team was a part of NSS Technical cell which consists 300 NSS unit and 30000 dedicated volunteers. NSS technical Cell is the only among 600 plus odd NSS cells that have reached up to RASHTRAPATHY BHAVAN three times in consecutive years in recognition for our ahead of time innovations in community service.

Our college also have a NSS unit (139) which was one of the best NSS units in Kerala. We have achieved 2 times Directorate level Awards and One State Award. In last year we have also got the nomination for Best NSS unit.

Our Leaders

SAJEEV B S (Programme Officer)
SHAHAN SHA (Associate Programme Officer)
GOKUL G (Volunteer Secretary Male)
DEVIKA S (Volunteer Secretary Female)