Parent Teachers Association is a formal organization composed of parents and teachers that is intended to facilitate parental participation in an institution .In this academic year PTA   made the institution a better place for students to learn. Parents of students worked together with teachers to volunteer in classes, raise money for institution supplies, and generally support the institution’s efforts.PTA achieved its goal by efficiently participating in overall development of our college


  • 1. To encourage & work with staff to identify and implement programs, activities or events that will enrich and support the curriculum using available PTA fund.
  • 2. To educate and inform parents and staff about local & national issues affecting children.
  • 3. To secure adequate laws for care and protection of children
  • 4. To maintain harmonious relationship between parents and teachers for betterment of the students.


President: Sri. Stanly John M S
Vice President (Parent): Sri. Sasikumar
Vice President (Staff): Sri. Ambili M
Secretary: Sri. Robert S
Treasurer: Smt. Nithya S N
Joint Secretary: Smt. Prameela

Activities Done By PTA

  • 1. ID card and student data cards were issued for maintaining the discipline and identity of students.
  • 2. For smooth conducting of examinations all stationeries were supplied by PTA
  • 3. PTA gave financial assistance to campus cleaning works.
  • 4. Refreshments for Mahindra pride school training faculties, class PTAs, scholar support programmes were provided.
  • 5. SMS alert facility for informing parents was supported by PTA
  • 6. PTA supported UPS servicing at various department, electrical maintenance at placement cell, projector servicing, chair repairing..etc
  • 7. Provided financial aid for admission works.
  • 8. PTA provided financial support for 7 days NSS camp.
  • 9. Financial aid was given for repairing napkin disposal machine and buying barcode reader for examination purpose
  • 10. Provided financial support for interpoly sports, arts ,text books for various department, workshop materials…etc
  • 11. PTA supported AICTE approval extension process.