Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Beena M S
Head Of Department

The department was established in 1991 for Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering. The three years’ course is designed to provide a broad foundation in electronics and communication engineering. The Department, with its facilities and experienced faculty provides a conducive environment for developing students’ technical and learning skills. The Electronics Association of Electronics and Communication Department “SPARK” has been very active with the full participation of the students of all semesters. Invited lectures by experts drawn from Industries and academic field are arranged regularly. Students’ achievements include awards in various technical competitions, paper presentations in various conferences etc. To improve teaching-learning process, expert talks, curriculum related workshops, mentoring, teacher evaluation by students, professional body activities etc. are conducted regularly. For the overall development of the students, the Department organizes industrial visits, training programmes and study tours. Finishing schools are conducted to improve the soft skills of the students. Bridge courses help the students in understanding the pre-requisites of the subjects in the curriculum.


To nurture the spirit of technology innovation , creativity and leadership qualities among young men and women and to make them face Global challenges for the upliftment of society.



To inspire, educate and mentor students through facilitating Quality Engineering Education in which new ideas and creativity flourish and from which leaders and innovators of tomorrow emerge.

Course offered by the Department


Lab facilities


Anuradha A
Lecturer in Electronics and Communication
Divya C
Lecturer in Electronics
Jomy Susan Ipe
Lecturer in Electronics
Prathibha G
Guest Lecturer
Priya J.S
Guest Lecturer

Technical Staff

Sajith Krishna U
Demonstrator - Electronics and Communication
Nithya S N
Demonstrator - Electronics and Communication
Feroz Khan A
Trade Instructor Sr. Gr - Electronics and Communication
Sangeetha S - Electronics